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Tridium Niagara Framework

The Tridium framework and user interface is at the heart of our solutions. These technologies form the core of the most powerful and open building automation platform available today.


Tridium Niagara Framework:

  • the most prolific Building Automation System on the planet

  • capable of speaking all open BAS communications languages and many proprietary languages

  • hardware and software available from multiple sources, local and online

  • GRA provides Open Tridium Licensing

  • an open API for extending this platform is available

  • Tridium has the largest community of independent programmers and manufacturers extending their framework! 

  • training on the Tridium platform available from multiple sources, local and national, including at Great River Automation



One of Great River Automation's key business partnerships is with Lynxspring. Our Lynxspring partnership gives us access to the most open and powerful products on the market. While many of these products can be purchased elsewhere, Lynxspring's dedication to supporting these products and their business partners sets them apart. 



GRA's chosen data management and data visualization platform, Connexxion is The Cloud or On-Premise platform that gives you the ability to simply and efficiently deploy a new generation of third-party smart energy and operational applications such as Dashboards, Operational and Energy Portals and Analytics, etc.


Blue Ridge Technologies

Our preferred lighting controllers utilize native BACnet communicating controllers built with hardware and software available from multiple local and online sources.


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