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Great River Automation, LLC provides automated building technologies and solutions for buildings large and small. We focus on tailoring solutions around your facility, project and business goals. We engineer flexible solutions to meet your current and future goals. We take pride in managing each project to provide quality, on-time delivery, and long-term support so your building runs properly now and in the future.





Building Technologies Experts

Great River Automation was established by experienced industry veterans who believe in providing great service and great systems. 






As Open as Open Gets!


Our aim is not only to provide great building automation systems and support but also to provide the most open systems possible! We believe this approach not only provides the best technologies and solutions today but also gives owners the greatest flexibility in how and who they partner with to support their facilities.  


While nearly every product includes proprietary content, Great River Automation LLC strives to provide the most open systems in the market. What does "open systems" mean to Great River Automation? To us, open systems architecture goes far beyond the use of open standard communication protocols. In a nut-shell, it extends to providing systems that don't lock customers into having to stick with one or two vendors for the life of the system. While we're here to support you for the life of your facilities, we'd like you to keep coming back to us because you want to, not because you have to! 


To support our mission of delivering the most open systems possible, we have established key business partnerships with technology providers that best support our commitments to you. A few of the advantages of open systems technologies include:


  • Longer system lifespan

  • Easier integration into existing IT infrastructure and other building systems

  • Greater security

  • Greater system expandability

  • Greater long-term support options

  • Lower lifecycle cost/greater return on investment (if properly installed)


Traditionally in the BAS industry claims of “Open Systems” have focused primarily on the communications protocols used within the controls system. While standard open communications protocols are important, for a truly Open System many other aspects of the building automation system need to be considered. Please contact us to learn more.



Proactive Project Planning & Management


We believe selecting the right automation components is only a part of the equation to delivering great building systems. Delivering fully functioning, efficient systems on time requires the right people with the right tools and support. We know that great products can yield poor systems if not applied and configured correctly. Similarly, expert staff can produce poor results if not provided with the right tools, support, and opportunities to succeed. Great River Automation takes pride in how we manage, staff and support projects to ensure you get the best possible systems and support.


We believe in proactive project management, which means we develop and maintain project staffing and execution schedules focused on meeting customer deadlines. Project managers are onsite and attend project meetings on a regular basis.



Reliable Service & Support


For all customers (regardless of service contract status), Great River Automation’s typical response time is less than one hour for phone support and less than four hours for onsite support. Great River Automation prioritizes all service requests based on the severity of the issue and its impact on the facility's operations. This prioritization is done in cooperation with the facility's staff. For service, please contact us, 24/7, at (800) 448-7585.


Xcel Energy Energy Efficiency Partner 2018 - Great River Automation - Efficiency Controls Program

Great River Automation is excited to receive an Energy Efficiency Partner Award from Xcel Energy in the efficiency controls category! 


Great River Automation is a proud member of CABA. The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is a leading international, not-for-profit, industry organization that promotes advanced technologies in homes and buildings.

Open Systems
Project Management
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